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Tristan Lelong - senior software engineer


Programing language:
  • expert in C development
  • high proficiency in C++, Go, Shell scripting
  • good knowledge of assembly, python, HTML/CSS, SQL

  • Security, Privacy
  • Large system design, implementation and maintenance
  • Incident responce
  • System reliability
  • Monitoring, Debugging, Optimization

Embedded software & real time:
  • designing and customizing embedded GNU/Linux systems
  • Yocto/OpenEmbedded, Buildroot, Android, LTIB, PetaLinux, PTXdist, manual
  • busybox, sysvinit, systemd
  • u-boot, barebox
  • Linux driver development
  • Xenomai, Preempt-RT
  • GNU Toolchains, Makefile, autotools, GDB, valgrind, strace, ftrace, perf
  • git, mercurial, svn
  • vim, latex, libreoffice

GNU/Linux systems:
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Package management (deb, rpm, ipk)

  • Freescale: i.MX & PPC QORIQ
  • TI: sitara
  • Xilinx: Zynq
  • Intel: ATOM e38xx

  • ARP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, UDP, TCP
  • iptables, netfilter

Image processing:
  • Implementing algorithms on embedded systems
  • OpenCV


Linux Training Designed and delivered 4 days embedded Linux trainings with slides and labs.
Presentations Designed and presented technical sessions at several conferences: ELC2013, ELC2014, ELC2015, FTF2015, SRECON 2016 & Various Google internal security related conferences.
Technical Team leader Monitor and help junior engineers as part of a team, drive project technical direction.
Pre-sales Communicate with potential customer to understand their requirements, analyze, estimate the tasks to realize.
  • French: Mother tongue.
  • English: Fluent.
  • Deutsch: Beginner.


HIBA Host Identity Base Authorization for SSH.
libroxml C XML parsing library designed for embedded systems.
cortex Coredump to text crash report conversion tool.


  • Staff Site Reliability Engineer at Google, Zurich - Switzerland
2016 - Current
Drive large horizontal, high impact, technical changes in Google's infrastructure.
Leadership, organizational expertise, initiative.
Onboard, Maintain, Improve and Optimize large distributed system.
Linux, Monitoring, Automation, Incident response
Improve the security of our production environment.
Cryptography, SSH, Low dependency access control, Multi-party authorizations, Auditing
Technical lead .
Design document, Code reviews, Technical trainings and presentations
  • Embedded software engineer at Adeneo embedded, Seattle, WA - USA
2012 - 2016
Board bring up and BSP customization for multiple automotive platforms.
Yocto, Linux kernel, u-boot, WiFi, bluetooth, systemd, line disciplines
Optimization of NAND accesses for an automotive platform.
Linux kernel, MTD subsystem, DMA
BSP customization for multi-stream video capture/display on an automotive platform.
LTIB, V4L2, gstreamer
Board bring up and system design of a medical video capture device.
Buildroot, Linux kernel, u-boot, OpenGL, QT
BSP migration to Yocto and driver development for a plane monitoring system.
Linux kernel, Dual port RAM, Yocto, PTXdist
BSP customization for boot time reduction.
Buildroot, openGL, u-boot falcon, Linux kernel
Port of several older Linux BSP to the newer LTS version.
Linux kernel, Buildroot, Yocto
Design of update systems for Linux / Android platforms.
u-boot, software architecture, reliability
Debugging for different platforms before production stage.
Linux kernel, bus analyzers, JTAG, GDB, ftrace, strace, debugging
Android BSP customer support.
Android Jelly Bean
  • Research and development engineer at Open Wide, Paris - France
2006 - 2012
Design of an in-flight entertainment system.
EFL, webkit, dbus, sqlite, XML
Design of a Linux system running on a dual core router along with Vxworks
Open Embedded, Linux kernel
Design of a camera quality monitoring server: 10000+ cameras inspected daily.
OpenCV, QT, postgreSQL, NetSNMP
Desingn of a smart DVR using motion detection and PTZ camera.
OpenCV, image processing, mysql
Design of a system monitor for a multimedia platform.
Port of a real-time test bench software for military planes.
Xenomai, Linux kernel, C
Port of a Visual C++ ticketing application to Linux Buildroot system.
Buildroot, Wine


Master of engineering degree, major in industrial computing 2003 - 2006
Master of science degree, major in image and signal processing 2005 - 2006
University Institute of Technology, major in electronics and industrial computing 2001 - 2003


Sports: trekking, mountainering, skiing, swiming, viet vo dao
Travel: north America, eastern Europe, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia...

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